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Money Lobby is a safe way to get it virtual money in GTA Online. By participating in Money Lobby sessions, you collect money dropped on your head. Within a few hours in your virtual GTA 5 wallet appears GTA$ 100,000,000 that can be spent on the purchase of real estate, vehicles, clothes, weapons or ammunition as well as weapons and the entire military arsenal. Each new DLC is a huge expense for new content, for those who do not have time to accumulate money for weeks collecting packages on a open session Money Lobby was created.

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We have been dealing with GTA 5 Online players’ money since spring 2016. A year after the release of GTA 5 on the PC, our software simulating the dropping of virtual money on a free session turned out to be a phenomenon and allowed to organize sessions during which invited participants recharge their character portfolio with GTA Online. From the very beginning no one was banned for the money we share among the participants of organized Money Lobby sessions.

Join the Money Lobby

Among the many locations in Los Santos, the best place to dump GTA Online is the golf course. This is where you’ll collect your GTA$ 100,000,000 in GTA$ 2,500 packs.

You have unlimited time to collect the said amount, you can join whenever you feel like it or time. The sessions take place 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Put something on the Caps Lock key so you don’t get kicked out of the session for inactivity and follow these few rules of staying on the Money Lobby.

  • do not drive any vehicle on the golf course
  • don’t run and move unnecessarily
  • keep passive mode on session

Violation of these three rules results in removal from friends. You can send another donate to receive invitation again.

Remember a few important points

You have unlimited cash collection time per session
which lets you participate when you feel like it

You will receive a safe GTA$ 100,000,000 that
you can spend whatever you want in GTA Online

Do not transfer the collected money to the Bank
and do not make purchases while collecting them

Read the full description of Money Lobby
so as not to hinder the collection of cash

Full Money Lobby regulations can be found here.

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Paysafecard is the most popular payment method on the internet. You don’t need to have a bank or PayPal account to shop online. Donate on Money Lobby can also be sent using a Paysafecard coupon. You can buy it almost anywhere, at a gas station, in stores.

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To receive an invitation to Money Lobby, simply send a donate of 5€

Money Lobby is organized thanks to the Grand Theft Auto Forum community, which from the beginning helps GTA Online players in acquiring virtual cash, allows them to find companions to play together and allows them to solve their problems with playing the most popular production from Rockstar.

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In matters related to Money Lobby you can contact me via messages private in GTA Forum.

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